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Scholarship List/Chairs


Grant & SCholarship Information

Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor

Grant/Scholarship Coordinator

College Undergraduate List 

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Zachariah Carlson

  • Helen Haupt Alumni Chapter Project Grants
  • Wiese-Abegg Collegiate Chapter Grant
  • John and Mary Virginia Foncannon Choral Conducting or Sacred Music Scholarship
  • John and Mary Virginia Foncannon Conducting/Coaching Scholarship

Dr. Keith Bohm

  • Bettylou Scandling Hubin Scholarship for World Music/Multicultural Music
  • Bettylou Scandling Hubin Scholarship for Music Technology

Linda Florjancic

  • Edythe G. Burdin Scholarship
  • Madge Cathcart Gerke Scholarship
  • Beth Landis Music Education Scholarship
  • Hazel B. Morgan Scholarship*
  • Nadine Williams Scholarship
  • La Verne Jackson Memorial Music Therapy Scholarship

Craig Young

  • Alberta Denk Scholarship for Violin, Viola, Cello*
  • Beth Landis Violin Scholarship
  • Eleanor Hale Wilson Cello Scholarship

Liana Sandin

  • Elizabeth Boldenweck Voice Scholarship*
  • Mikanna Clark Taurman Voice Scholarship
  • Sara Eikenberry Undergraduate Voice Scholarship
  • Sara Eikenberry Graduate Voice Scholarship
  • Ines Pratt Jamison Scholarship
  • Brena Hazzard Voice Scholarship

Dr. Kristín Jónína Taylor

  • Liana K. Sandin Grants-In-Aid**
  • Mabel Henderson Memorial Grant for International Study
  • Merle Montgomery Doctoral Grant
  • Eleanor Hale Wilson Summer Scholarships

Dr. Sophia Tegart

  • James and Lola Faust Chamber Music Scholarship
  • Mary Alice Cox Grant for Lifelong Learning
  • Jean Louise Martin Scholarship
  • Gerke Collegiate Artist Scholarships*

Dr. Lei Weng

  • Helen Haupt Piano Scholarship
  • Wihla Hutson Organ Scholarship
  • Bernstein-Crosman Scholarship
  • Eleanor B. Weiler and Mildred B. Frame Piano Scholarship

Marcus Wyche

  • Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter Grant for Graduate Work in Composition
  • Lillian Harlan Ramage Grant for Graduate Study in Composition*
  • Ruth Dean Morris Scholarship

*Scholarships significantly funded through the generosity of the Eleanor Hale Wilson Charitable Trust.

**Grants significantly funded by the Pearle Francis Finigan Foundation


Grant/Scholarship Coordinator