Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation

2014 Recipients


Susan L. R. Bengston, Phi Omicron, Cleveland Institute of Music. Jean Louise Martin Scholarship - $2,000 - To attend Aspen Music Festival or Music Academy of the West.


Zachary Andrew Caldwell, Beta Psi, University of Indiana. Madge Cathcart Gerke Scholarship - $1,000 - Education Expenses.

Zachariah Davin Carlson, Zeta Lambda, Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumni Chapter. Foncannon Conducting/Coaching Scholarship - $4,500 - Funds used for a trip to Oslo, tuition, room and board, conducting lessons, and city transportation to study conducting at the University of Oslo International Summer School.

Lee Scarborough Chappell, Epsilon Epsilon, Texas Christian University. Elizabeth Boldenweck Voice Scholarship - $1,000 - Used the money to defray the costs to attend the American Institute of Musical Studies in Graz, Austria.


Marlon Daniel, Mu Xi, Allied. J&M Foncannon Choral Conducting or Sacred Music Scholarship - $7,000 - I have finished the first part of the project, working with renowned pedagogue Maestro Jorma Panula in Europe. The second part is to assist in Bulgaria with Maestro Grigor Palikarov and the Pazardzhik Symphony Orchestra.


Paige Fath, Gamma Psi, St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. La Verne Jackson Memorial Music Therapy Scholarship- $1,500 - Used the funds for the Jamaica Field Service Project, summer educational program to work in clinical set tings and to learn about the culture and hone her musical leadership skills in preparation for professional practice in music therapy.


Elizabeth Furuta, Phi Omicron, Cleveland Institute. Beth Landis Violin Scholarship - $5,000 - New strings, bow rehair, repertoire, travel expenses for auditions, application fees, tuiton payment.


Bethany M. Goldson, Gamma Tau, University of St. Thomas. Sara Eikenberry Voice Undergraduate Scholarship - $1,000 - The funds were used for housing and educational expenses, very much appreciated.


Matthew Hoch, Lambda, Allied. Grant-in-Aid - $1,000 - With this award, I paid for the engraving of three more sets of low-voice editions of Richard Strauss songs: Op. 21, Op. 22, and Op. 46. These editions will be released in the fall of this year by Classical Vocal Reprints, and the year of the release (2014) will coincide with the 150th anniversary of Strauss’s birth. Each edition will be published with a critical essay and editorial notes. In addition to being important contributions to my personal academic portfolio, I am hopeful that they will make an important contribution to the art song.


Christopher Ives, Nu, University of Oregon. Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - used to attend sessions II and III of the Aria International Summer Academy in Mount Holyoke, MA.

Allison E. Kang, Alpha Delta, California State University, Sacramento. Gerke Collegiate Artist Scholarship - $1,000 - To pay for school tuition and any other future educational endeavors including music festivals and workshops.

Catherine P. Kenley, Alpha Zeta, Westminster Choir College. Sara Eikenberry Voice Undergraduate Scholarship - $1,000 - The scholarship helped fund my summer program at Westminster Choir College, CoOPERAtive. CoOPERAtive is a training program geared towards the preparation and presentation of young artists in the auditioning world.


Aaron Larget-Caplan, Beta, Boston Alumni. Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - attended the Days of American Culture in Russia Festival 2014 organized by the Educational Bridge Project.


Rebecca Larkin, Mu Pi, Ohio Wesleyan University. Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter Grant for Graduate Work in Composition - $1,000 - For graduate study at Bowling Green State University in the field of music composition; Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - Used funds for Fresh, Inc. Festival in Wisconsin/Illinois.


Elizabeth Grace Leger, Delta Rho, University of Colorado, Boulder. Eleanor B. Weiler and Mildred B. Frame Scholarship - $1,500 - Look at Messiaen's manuscripts, visit related venues, museums and IRCAM; Bernstein-Crosman Scholarship - $1,000 - Attend the Vianden International Music Festival in Luxembourg.


Jacob Richard Leonowitz, Epsilon Upsilon, Duquesne University. Beth Landis Music Education Scholarship - $5,000 - Education Expenses.


Cortland Mahoney, Phi Pi, Wichita State University. Bettylou Scandling Hubin Scholarship for Music Technology - $1,500 - To purchase electronic equipment to use to enhance violin compositions and forays into electronic music.


Maggie Morrison, Phi Omicron, Cleveland Institute, Piano. Helen Haupt Piano Scholarship - $500 - Use to support her at summer festivals and applications for DMA programs.


Cody William Ortz, Phi Omega, Westminster College. Grant-in-Aid, - $1,000 - It was put toward the completion/production of a soundtrack project.


Jason Pano, Beta Alpha, California State University, Fullerton. Foncannon Conducting/Coaching Scholarship - $2,500 - The scholarship was applied toward the cost of purchasing all materials for and attending the Advanced Choral Conducting Seminar at the Eastman School of Music (including travel and board). The focus of the intensive was on the Bach Motets, but we also dived into several motets by earlier contemporaries of Bach as was as Baroque recitative through some of Bach's Cantatas and Handel's Messiah.


Jason Pegis, Phi Lambda, Willamette University. Eleanor Wilson Cello Scholarship - $2,000 - and the Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - Used the funds from both to attend two cello camps. Cellos, an American Experience in Northfield, Minnesota, and Cellos at Belle Serre, in Castres, France.

Michael H. Petit, Jr., Lambda, Ithaca College. Gerke Collegiate Artist Scholarship - $1,000 - The Gerke Scholarship Award was used for my tuition for the academic year at Ithaca College. By reducing my tuition I have been able to focus on some of the very important courses of my degree like my Junior Student Teaching and my Junior Recital this semester.


Chloe Prendergast, Phi lambda, Willamette University. Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - Used to attend the Aigues-Vives en Musique Academy in the South of France from July 31st through August 13th.


Akiko Sasaki, Omega Omega, New York City Alumni. Bettylou Scandling Hubin Scholarship for World Music - $1,500 - A commissioned piece by Kento Watanabe is currently in the works. Soprano, Sara Heaton and I plan to begin rehearsing in early August, and we will record one or two pieces at the end of the year to begin our recording project.


Christopher Scherer, Nu, University of Oregon. Eleanor Wilson Summer Scholarship - $1,000 - Attended Banff Chamber Music Residency for Pre-formed Ensembles.


Yukiko Sekino, Omega Omega, Boston Alumni. Helen Haupt Piano Scholarship - $500 - Used to support the recording and release of her first commercial CD.


Sarah Toy, Phi Omicron, Cleveland Institute of Music, Commodore String Quartet. Faust Chamber Music Scholarship - $5,000 - The funds were used by the Quartet members to pay for both tuition and airfare from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Norfolk, CT to attend both the Banff Chamber Music Residency for pre-formed ensembles as well as the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.


Wyatt True, Nu, University of Oregon. Alberta Denk Scholarship - $1,000 - Used the funds to commission a bow from Darrell Hanks - bowmaker from Ashland OR, now in Portland. He and I worked together to choose the wood and pair the bow to my violin.


Eugene Villanueva, Alpha Delta, Allied. Mabel Henderson Memorial Grant for International Study - $1,000 - Used the summer scholarship to cover costs for study/take master classes in Rome in August with Giuseppe Sabbatini; Brena Hazzard Scholarship - $5,000 - Travel to Italy to study with Donata Lombardi. travel to Germany to audition for a fest position at the Hannover Staatsoper and to Gstaad, Switzerland to take part in Voice competition, travel to NYC for lessons with Marilyn Horne, and associated travel, lodging costs for these ventures.

Laynee Woodward, Beta Pi, Nebraska Wesleyan. Mikanna Clark Taurman Voice Scholarship - $1,000 - Used for post graduate study.